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Is the battery calibration is needed?

Often we look for ways to improve performance and battery life by way of searching on google, read the print media, and others. Most certainly meet one of the ways to improve battery performance by performing a battery calibration.

Many have also been tried. Some say that the battery becomes more durable, some mediocre, and some have even worse. Let’s not directly absorb raw information.

What really makes the battery last longer?

Battery calibration has absolutely nothing to do with increasing the durability of the battery. Why? Because calibration only improves reading accuracy by the software so that the battery level displayed on the screen is actually the actual battery level. In theory, calibration can make the battery faster when done too often because it involves battery discharge. Batteries new models such as Lithium-Ion if left blank will be more easily damaged

Whether calibration is really needed?

Battery latest model should no longer need to calibrate the battery periodically. But if it feels the battery capacity yours be quickly depleted, there is no harm in trying to calibrate the battery. But keep in mind, that calibration will not increase the battery capacity, only increase the battery level reading accuracy.

China Mobile Phone Honor 6x achieve 1 million consumers – The new mobile phone from China, Honor 6X, new releases a day ago. But the number of registration of subscribers has reached 1 million consumers.

The registration can not prove all consumers would have bought. Therefore, there are some prosuder needs to be done. But of that number proves great interest culup Honor 6X.

Page GSMArena reported, the figures were still not able to beat the 8 Honor series that breaks 5 million registration within four days. The series is still the highest position of the label Honor. The plan booking Honor 6X registration will continue until tomorrow. The phone will be sold on 25 October.

Honor 6X is a 5.5 inch screen mobile phone. Achieve 1080p resolution display screen. Mobile has a 12 MP main camera. While the phone is reinforced with 4 GB of RAM included Hisilicon Kirin 655 CPU. It becomes interesting when combined with Snapdragon CPU 616 in the previous type.

12 MP camera is a dual camera. Such features make the camera work similar to that Huawei Honor 8. Then P9 and 8 MP front camera is also equipped with features selfie shooter. Users can get the best selfie photo with the feature. Honor 6X supports 4G LTE and priced at 999 yuan or sekitat Rp 2 million.

PC Tools Spyware Pro and Contra Review

Many people give a PC Tools Spyware Doctor review on a regular basis to inform others of its main functions. The software cost $30. The manufacturer claims the software was created to get rid of malicious adware and other spyware applications. Here is a more in depth analysis in a PC Tools Spyware Doctor review:iam_spyware


The software is not able to hold up to other popular spyware removal tools available on the Internet. Most spyware removal tools should be able to detect and remove modern spyware (which is becoming increasingly difficult to do). Spyware Doctor needs a lot of fine tuning. Studies have shown the software to ignore high-tech spyware threats, such as the ‘Banker Trojan Horse’. This type of spyware is considered a keystroke logger. This type of malicious code is associated with phishing scams. Even when the OnGuard feature application was on, it failed to stop or detect the threat. The software was also not able to detect the actual file responsible for the spyware.

Being that Spyware Doctor is a cheaper solution to spyware/malware infections, it lacks the power and features to pin point computer threats as soon as they occur. Since malware and spyware tends to spread fast by attacking certain files in the computer’s hard-drive, it is important to get rid of them before time passes and the virus spreads.

Spyware Doctor is also time consuming. The software has a tendency to stop working or responding once the scan reaches 23%. If a consumer is not tech saavy or know how to use other resources to continue the scanning process, it can be really difficult. Software such as ‘BullsEye Network’ can pin-point the problem and start the scanning process up again.

With each virus scan, the results will show a 60%-75% removal rate, meaning there is still threats on the computer and all of the spyware has not been removed.


There are not a lot of pros for Spyware Doctor because of the simple fact all of the spyware and threats are never 100% removed; however, the sponsors of this software have good customer service. Once a consumer reports a bug or problem with the software, the owners will try their best to resolve the issue. Most of the time, bugs are fixed in less than 5-7 days.


PC Tools Spyware Doctor is a good option for those who are looking for minimum security from spyware and viruses. For those who are on a tight budget and need a quick fix, this software is an option; however it is not a good option for heavy Internet browsers.

Ransomware commit cyber crimes, take precautions

Ransomware itself is a type of malware that seeking financial gain by holding data from the victim’s computer is infected. The perpetrator then demands a ransom in return for access to documents on the victim
There are several steps you can take to avoid being hit ransomware virus, Kaspersky has split with the following steps:

1. Never open a link or suspicious file attachments. Cyber criminals often distribute fake email messages that mimic email notifications from the online store store or bank, to lure users opening malicious links and malware spread. This method is called phishing

2 .. Make sure that you always back up important files on a regular basis. Highly recommended to make two copies of backing up. The first stored in the cloud and placed in another physical storage devices such as portable hard drives, flash, additional laptops, and others.

3. Link evil could have been sent by a friend on a social media or opponents play in online games whose accounts are infected. You should immediately ask in detail to them before opening links or files sent.

4. Enable the option ‘Show file extensions “on a Windows-based computer settings. This will make it easier to tell which files are potentially malicious. So you are going to be really vigilant to determine whether the file is really invoice.pdf.exe or invoice.pdf example.

5. Update your operating system, browser, antivirus and other programs on a regular basis. Cyber criminals exploit vulnerabilities in the software tends to disrupt the system.

6.Gunakan program robust and reliable security to protect your system from ransomware. Especially for businesses, because they are storing consumer data

Daydream – Google’s virtual reality

Google’s virtual reality platform called Daydream finally materialized in a device. Not just another concept that first appeared at the event Google I / O 2016 in May.

The device is called Daydream View, which is a headset like cardboard Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR. What distinguishes, these devices can only be paired with a mobile phone that supports the platform Daydream – current and new Pixel Pixel XL supporting the platform.

Daydream View is made of foam and fabric, with a ‘window’ of plastic to enter the mobile phone. With a weight of only 220 grams, Google calls this headset is lighter than other VR headsets on the market. Part of the headset is attached to the face can be removed and cleaned.

Because it is equipped with an NFC chip, supporting application will automatically open when the phone is placed in position. Similarly, when a ‘window’ was closed, a pair of rubber in the headset will help the phone to determine the position of the dividing line in the middle of the screen.

Not only that, Daydream View also equipped with a controller that has several key minimalist like home, menu and volume. The controller is also equipped with various sensors that can detect movement.