Obama Gave Bill Gates Choice

Detik.com – Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gate was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom from US President Barack Obama. This award is an honor for civilians for their contribution to the country.

Achievements made directly by Obama in a special event at the White House this week. In his speech, Obama said Gates and his wife are entitled to receive the award by considering the services and dedication they have done, through philanthropic activities that they do.

“For two decades, the Gates Foundation to contribute to provide medical needs and health for millions of people, supplying clean water, improve education for children, staged an aggressive campaign against climate change and much more,” Obama said as quoted from the GeekWire Thursday ( 24.11.2016).

He added that Gates has been donating married in greater numbers compared with other philanthropists. Obama also had expressed his admiration for Melinda who truly adhere to the advice of his mother since childhood.

“Melinda’s mother whispered the old adage: ‘knowing someone could life easier for our existence, that is success.’ Few of the people in human history could be more successful than the couple’s optimistic, “he said.