PC Tools Spyware Pro and Contra Review

Many people give a PC Tools Spyware Doctor review on a regular basis to inform others of its main functions. The software cost $30. The manufacturer claims the software was created to get rid of malicious adware and other spyware applications. Here is a more in depth analysis in a PC Tools Spyware Doctor review:iam_spyware


The software is not able to hold up to other popular spyware removal tools available on the Internet. Most spyware removal tools should be able to detect and remove modern spyware (which is becoming increasingly difficult to do). Spyware Doctor needs a lot of fine tuning. Studies have shown the software to ignore high-tech spyware threats, such as the ‘Banker Trojan Horse’. This type of spyware is considered a keystroke logger. This type of malicious code is associated with phishing scams. Even when the OnGuard feature application was on, it failed to stop or detect the threat. The software was also not able to detect the actual file responsible for the spyware.

Being that Spyware Doctor is a cheaper solution to spyware/malware infections, it lacks the power and features to pin point computer threats as soon as they occur. Since malware and spyware tends to spread fast by attacking certain files in the computer’s hard-drive, it is important to get rid of them before time passes and the virus spreads.

Spyware Doctor is also time consuming. The software has a tendency to stop working or responding once the scan reaches 23%. If a consumer is not tech saavy or know how to use other resources to continue the scanning process, it can be really difficult. Software such as ‘BullsEye Network’ can pin-point the problem and start the scanning process up again.

With each virus scan, the results will show a 60%-75% removal rate, meaning there is still threats on the computer and all of the spyware has not been removed.


There are not a lot of pros for Spyware Doctor because of the simple fact all of the spyware and threats are never 100% removed; however, the sponsors of this software have good customer service. Once a consumer reports a bug or problem with the software, the owners will try their best to resolve the issue. Most of the time, bugs are fixed in less than 5-7 days.


PC Tools Spyware Doctor is a good option for those who are looking for minimum security from spyware and viruses. For those who are on a tight budget and need a quick fix, this software is an option; however it is not a good option for heavy Internet browsers.